What Lawyer Should I Hire?

When you are facing a legal matter finding the right lawyer will be the most important thing you can do to get your life back to normal. But how do you know who to hire? There are so many options on the internet and so many lawyers claiming to know what they are doing that selecting an attorney can be overwhelming. Below are some suggestions to help you navigate the waters and find the lawyer that is right for you.

Board Certification

Is this lawyer Board Certified by the Texas State Bar? Board Certification is a mark of excellence and a distinguishing accomplishment. Only a small percentage of lawyers are Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. In Texas this means the attorney has demonstrated specialized competence in an area of law and has been tested on the subject matter and recognized by a governing board.

Only %7 of lawyers in Texas are board certified.

Shop Around/Do Your Homework

Most people will not endure a major medical procedure without a second opinion or without conducting some research. The same philosophy applies to choosing an attorney. Most lawyers offer a free consultation. Take advantage of this and speak to several lawyers. Find out if your personality will mesh with the attorney. By seeking out multiple opinions you will quickly learn whether you are hiring the right attorney.

Beware of Promises

No lawyer, no matter how experienced or talented, can predict with 100% certainty the results of a case. Nor should they promise you an outcome at the first consultation. Any lawyer that is guaranteeing a victory is just trying to tell you what you want to hear.

Experience Matters

Not all lawyers practice criminal law and not all criminal lawyers have the same experience level. Has this particular attorney practiced from both sides of the courtroom? Does your attorney know how to beat a blood alcohol test in a DWI? What about a blood splatter case in a homicide? How often do they go to trial? How will he or she debunk the State’s DNA evidence

Results Matter

Some times the only way to make a charge “go away” is to set the case for a jury trial. It is very easy to promise results. It is a different story to achieve them. With over 100 trials under his belt Wes Rucker has proven he is not afraid to try and win difficult cases.