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Client Testimonials

Mr. Rucker saved my life!!

A debt I will never be able to fully repay. Due to my record alone, I thought I was going to be away from my family for a very long time. In a matter of months Mr. Rucker was able to get my case dismissed. Not just only getting my case dismissed but he also made sure my drivers license was never suspended. My family spoke to many lawyers prior to Mr. Rucker. Most seemed to not care at all. Mr. Rucker had genuine care for me. He would visit me regularly to go over the plan he had and my thoughts. He kept my family updated on everything. Neither my family nor I have a lot of money. He still worked with us. It's not just a job for him. He truly cares and is extremely good at what he does. Even other lawyers that my family called told them that Mr. Rucker was an amazing choice. For those of you that are in desperate need of help. Please do not give away your money to a lawyer who will not truly work in your best interest. Mr. Rucker changed my life. He even called to congratulate me. I now live a meaningful, productive and amazing life with my family!!
P.S. Thank you for everything, Mr. Rucker. You saved my life.

Wes is some sort of magic worker with the prosecutors, I swear.

My wife and I went to Mr. Rucker when she found herself in some serious legal trouble facing felony charges. We had been to several other defense attorneys and decided on one who ended up behaving like a prosecutor rather than our defense attorney that or a court appointed. He treated us with absolute disregard at a time when we were incredibly afraid for the outcome of the situation and how it would affect our growing family.
Fortunately after wasting a considerable amount of time and money and getting the run around from this other attorney my wife said we should go see Wes, that he had taken great care of her years earlier.
I am so pleased that we did. Not only was he very understanding of our financial situation especially after just being completely swindled by the other lawyer, but he immediately put our minds at ease and got right to work on the case.
We couldn't have asked for a better outcome in this case. Our family's lives have been forever touched by this man. Because of him I have a wife to come home to and my children have a mother.
If you truly value your freedom and reputation there is literally no one else to see other than Wes Rucker. A great man and an amazing attorney.

Wes Rucker came highly recommended and I have not been disappointed.

During our first meeting with Mr. Rucker he explained everything (options, expectations, cost, etc). After our first meeting, it was clear that Mr. Rucker was extremely qualified to handle our case. Both Mr. Rucker and his assistant, Andrea, are professional, compassionate, and down to earth people, making it easy to work with both of them during this difficult and stressful time. Once Mr. Rucker was on board, he and his assistant, Andrea, guided us through the complicated legal system. I would caution against anyone that is tempted to try to navigate the legal/court systems themselves. Mr. Rucker and Andrea know their business and because of it, we won our case. I would highly recommend Mr. Wes Rucker.

DISMISSED! 5.0 stars

I hired Mr. William Weston Rucker for a misdemeanor as well as a felony that carried 5-99 yrs in TDC. I was referred to him by someone else that he helped. My life was literally in his hands. Mr Rucker was friendly, professional and aggressive in a good way. He knew his way around the courts and always went the extra step. I had Faith in him all the way and I was not disappointed at all. My felony was DISMISSED!
I have dealt with some of the best lawyers in the past (unfortunately) and Mr Rucker handled everything the way you would expect a top lawyer to do. He is a great man, a family man and he genuinely cares about people. He will do the best he can and that alone goes along way. I have since refereed him to others who are also pleased with his services. He will not give up on you. He takes every case personally. I'm forever grateful.

Let me start by saying that 5 stars does Mr. Rucker absolutely no justice at all.

He is hands down the most honest and competent attorney I have ever dealt with. Unfortunately I have had more than one bad experience with attorneys who both over-charged and promised unrealistic outcomes to me. Wes was completely transparent from the start and never once tried to sell me an unrealistic outcome. Not only did he work with me on the payments, he truly put in an extreme amount of effort to prove that I was, in fact innocent of the charge. I consider him an extremely ethical and hardworking attorney who gets the job done the right way. I would recommend anyone I know to Mr. Rucker. He went above and beyond in my book.

If I could say one thing about Wes, it’s that he never seemed like just a great attorney, he was a genuine friend through the entire process.

He was extremely understanding and never made me feel bad or judged for being in my position. Wes was always available day or night and went above and beyond what I would have expected from him to see that all my needs were met. Despite some unique and compounding circumstances with my case, Wes made sure those interests were tended to and all requests were met. During my two years working with him, I believe that Wes started a new firm, moved, and welcomed a new child into his family, yet always made time for my case. The case was dismissed in the end, yet had the result for the case been different, I'd still give the same review. I highly respect Wes as both an attorney and a person and would recommend him to anyone needing his services.

If you read his bio, you will understand that Wes is definitely no fly by night lawyer.

I called Wes Rucker for a DWI I was accused of. I was pulled over on the 2014 New Year no refusal weekend and was accused of driving drunk. Not only was I arrested, but I was also asked to give a breath test, which I refused. So the officers actually took me to the hospital and took a blood specimen from me. Usually when you refuse to blow its automatic drivers license suspension for a year I believe. Well, 2 months into my case my drivers license portion of the case was not suspended and that part of the case was dropped. Next thing I know about two months later my criminal charge of DWI was dropped as well. This is not a plea deal or anything like that. This is case closed—no fines, no fees, no nothing. Wes is now helping me file the paperwork to expunge this charge off my record. TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!!!!!! My partnership with Wes Rucker has been the best decision I have ever made. I highly recommend Wes Rucker as your attorney. He is very educated and very, very good as what he does. Wes Rucker Law handles everything and makes a very uncomfortable situation much more bearable.

I’m so grateful for Wes. He was extremely diligent and attentive.

Before landing with Wes Rucker Law, I went to so many lawyers to discuss my case. I saw all the big dogs in Houston, including Thiesson. But after assessing the qualities of each law firm with friends and family, I went with my gut and chose Wes Rucker. He got my DUI case dismissed after 4 months, and Wes saved my license even though I declined to submit to a breathalyzer test. My blood was almost double the legal limit. I can't say enough great things about Wes’ service or his character.

I can never repay him for all he has done for me and my family.

I've retained Wes Rucker for two cases, though he has actually worked on three different offenses for me. For each case, Wes has represented me for a probation violation. I was on a 7 year first degree felony deferred adjudication. Thanks to him, I still am instead of spending up to 99 years in prison. Every violation of my probation was a new felony law offense, which is obviously a terrible position to be in. In my scenario, the likelihood of avoiding prison time is slim to none. Wes Rucker saved the day on each and every occasion.
As a defense attorney, his extensive knowledge of the law and willingness to bring in extra help to tackle each arising issue is what makes him an invaluable litigator. Not to mention: he cares. While we were fighting one of the violations I was stuck in jail with an insane bond amount and Wes was my only hope of leaving county jail without going to prison. Wes was always available to my family and friends, who understandably had a lot of questions and concerns during that immensely stressful time. He also visited me regularly in jail to keep me informed and comforted, which I understand is rare in an attorney. That case ended with a dismissal and my probation being reinstated with no amendments whatsoever—a highly unlikely outcome unless you have an incredible attorney like Wes.
I then found myself facing another felony charge and the possibility of my probation being revoked just 6 months before I was supposed to complete the entire 7 years. Again I felt hopeless and certain I was going to prison since this was my 4th probation violation. Thanks to Wes and his hard work, he saved the day once again. In the midst of facing this charge, I found out I was pregnant with my second child, so I not only owe my life to Wes Rucker Law, but my children's as well for keeping their mother in their lives. Wes truly cares about the person, not the case file. I would recommend him to anyone in need of legal help no matter how big or small, especially if you need a life saver.

Wes Rucker came highly referred by a very good friend of our family.

I hired Wes Rucker to handle my 23 year-old son's DWI case. My son serves in the armed forces and is stationed outside of Texas. In an extremely efficient manner, Wes Rucker reviewed, assessed and accepted his case, which was equally important to us, realizing that he was not accepting this case based solely on monetary value. Initially the Harris County District Attorney assigned to my son's case was not willing to negotiate any of the terms they had outlined: minimum 2 years probation, community hours, various outreach classes and programs. On the other hand, Wes Rucker's thorough understanding of DWI law, exceeding professionalism, and personal rapport with the District Attorney's office got my son's case DISMISSED. In the event you, your loved one or friend need one of Houston's best criminal defense attorneys, call Wes Rucker Law!

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