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Areas of Practice

WHITE COLLAR Crimes & Investigations

While I was a student at Columbia University in New York City I had the honor of working for a law firm that handled white collar cases. This not only stoked my interest in finance but also prodded me to become an attorney. I went on to serve as an assistant district attorney in the Identity Theft Division and District Court Chief in the White-Collar Crimes section. I assist clients charged with or being investigated for financial/business infractions, as well as helping clients to identify fraud or financial crimes within their own business.

DWI & Manslaughter

Honed my experience as an Associate with the legendary Gary Trichter firm. Established the Intoxication Crimes Division with the Harris County District Attorney's Office.



I represent clients charged with all ranges of homicide and have extensive experience spearheading capital murder investigations. As a Felony Chief in the Major Offender's Division I worked with homicide detectives from around the area, State and even the country in solving problems.

Sexual Assault

Just the accusation of a sex crime is devastating. The Rucker Law firm believes that all persons are entitled to due process and a vigorous defense no matter how offensive the allegations may be.

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All Felony Offenses

As a former felony district court chief, I’ve prosecuted cases from check fraud to aggravated robbery. During that time, I also supervised and instructed other prosecutors how to investigate and litigate felony crimes. To try your case, I leverage this experience in order to craft your best defense, informed by my time spent on both sides of the courtroom.


All Misdemeanor Offenses

I’ve represented clients facing all manner of possession, theft, and other misdemeanor charges.

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Police Misconduct

As a prosecutor, I’ve garnered experience investigating and litigating cases of police misconduct.



The Rucker Law Firm helps business entities investigate misconduct within their own company. We have helped hospitals, oil and gas companies and even individuals in making sure they are in compliance with government reporting and regulation.

Drug Cases

I represent clients wrongfully accused of drug-related charges.

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This does not have to be the end.