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Rucker Law in the Press

Detective Suspended for Mishandling Murder Case

Last April, after a jury sent her daughter's killer to prison for 60 years, Wendy Majewski filed a formal complaint against the detective she once fruitlessly hounded to pursue the case in 1994.

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Murder Plot Case in Family Feud Gets Even Stranger

A vicious inheritance fight that apparently has seen a brother send his sister a gift-wrapped bomb took an even more cold-blooded turn Tuesday when prosecutors alleged that...

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Baytown Police Officer Guilty of Oppression

A Baytown police officer accused of smashing a suspect's forehead into a curb after a high-speed motorcycle chase was found guilty of misdemeanor official oppression this afternoon.

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Houston Woman Sentenced to Life for Strangling Newborn

A Houston judge has sentenced a 27-year-old woman to life in prison for strangling her newborn daughter minutes after giving birth to her at home.

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FBI Arrests 2 Former Houston Police Officers After Deadly Drug Raid

The FBI arrested two former Houston police officers Wednesday on federal charges tied to a January drug raid that left two people dead and five officers injured.

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Defense attorney leaves scheduling hearing for Hallettsville school officials

Houston attorney Wes Rucker leaves the Lavaca County Courthouse Annex on Friday after scheduling a hearing for three Hallettsville school officials accused of failing to report abuse allegations.

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