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Having worked on both sides of the law, both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney, I have developed a unique set of skills that allow me to provide zealous, honest representation for my clients.


You need to act fast.

Harris County leads the state in alcohol related arrests.

As a result, local law enforcement is under tremendous pressure to crack down on people charged with DWI and send a severe message.

That means you're in for a fight. 

I have a proven track record in the DWI field.  Having taught prosecutors and other defense attorneys how to effectively try DWI cases, I know what it takes to overcome a DWI charge.  I have handled DWI cases in the Houston area for over 13 years and have even trained police officers on the correct methods to take while conducting a DWI arrest.       

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This does not have to be the end.


In Texas a person commits the offense of DWI when they operate a motor vehicle in a public place while intoxicated.  Typically, the State can prove intoxication by showing a person lost the normal use of their mental or physical faculties or by showing they had a blood/alcohol concentration of .08 or higher. 


A DWI related offense can range anywhere from simply paying a fine to serving life in prison.  Whether you meant to hurt someone or not does not matter.  Depending on the facts of your case the punishment could be devastating.  

A first time DWI arrest with a score under a .15  is a Class B misdemeanor and carries a punishment range of 72 hours in jail up to 180 days.  You could also receive up to a $2,000.00 fine.  In addition, there are potential court costs, license suspensions and surcharge fees that are associated with a conviction.  If your blood alcohol concentration is above a .15 then your punishment range can be enhanced to a Class A misdemeanor which carries a sentence of up to 1 year in jail and a $4,000.00 fine. 

A first time DWI with an open container of alcohol creates a minimum sentence of six days in jail.  

A second time DWI offense is a Class A misdemeanor and carries a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 30 days.  If you are placed on probation there is still a mandatory jail condition of 3-5 days depending on the age of your first DWI conviction.

Driving while intoxicated with a person under 15 years old in your car is a felony offense.  You could potentially go to the State Jail Facility for 6 months or up to two years. 

A DWI where an accident occurs and someone suffers serious bodily injury could result in a third degree felony charge.  This means you could go to prison for minimum of two years and a maximum of 10 years.  A person placed on probation for an intoxication assault charge must serve 30 days confinement in the county jail as a condition of that probation.  If you accidentally injure a police officer or some other emergency worker you could go to prison for two years and up to twenty years.

If you cause the death of another person while you are DWI you can be charged with a second degree felony.  That punishment ranges from 2-20 years in prison and possibly up to life in prison if you accidentally kill a police officer or some other emergency personnel worker.