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Houston Title IX Defense Lawyer

Sexual misconduct allegations can be devastating to your future and your liberty.

Title IX is federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity.  Originally, Title IX was intended to prevent federal dollars from being used in atmosphere where sex discrimination was occurring.  However, the statute has evolved to now frequently address claims of sexual misconduct.

Wes Rucker

When a university initiates a Title IX investigation it can resemble a criminal investigation.  The complainant and the accused will be asked to provide details about the event by an investigator and in writing.  However, the accused is not afforded the presumption of innocence and will often have to carry the burden of persuasion.

Your rights as the accused in a Title IX investigation are severely weakened.  Law enforcement will often initiate criminal charges after a Tittle IX investigation.  You will risk not only being disciplined or removed from school but you could face tremendous prison time, as well.

Never respond to or fight a Title IX allegation without experienced legal help.

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