Sexual Assault

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What Is a Sex Crime?

Sexual assault, commonly referred to as rape, is codified in Texas under section 22.011 of the penal code. Sexual assault, where no force is used, is punishable as a second-degree felony and up to 20 years in prison. As the Texas Penal Code bluntly states, your duty to register as a sex offender will end when you die.

Aggravated sexual assault occurs when a person commits sexual assault PLUS causes bodily injury, threatens to cause bodily injury, uses a deadly weapon, or the intended victim is underage. The punishment range for an aggravated sexual assault case is up to life in prison. Some aggravated sexual assault cases carry a minimum punishment of 25 years in prison.

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Just the Accusation of a Sex Crime Is Devastating

“What Do I Do Now?”

Your relationships will be tested as friends, family, and colleagues will treat you as a pariah.
  • A potential prison sentence
  • A life time of registering as a sex offender is on the horizon
  • Even when you regain your freedom from behind bars you will never truly escape the government’s supervision.
“Even when you regain your freedom from behind bars you will never truly escape the government’s supervision.”
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When Can You Be Charged With Sexual Assault?

Many people hold the misconception that sexual assault occurs only when one person forces themselves upon another. In Texas, sexual intercourse– or even sexual contact– must be done with the other person’s consent. Even if one believes they have the consent of another, you can still be charged with sexual assault. For instance, some victims cannot legally consent to sexual activity because of their age or mental capacity. In many cases if you engage in sexual activity with someone that is impaired you could be charged with sexual assault if they could not truly consent to the conduct.
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