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Fighting a Drug Charge

A State or Federal drug charge can have severe consequences. You need a lawyer who knows how the government decided to target you. In many cases, it was not bad luck that caused the officer to find the drugs. Challenge Stop/Warrant – The dirty secret that the police will not tell you is you were most likely targeted for a reason. This means the officers stopped you or your car base on the words of an informant. In other circumstances, you or your property were searched illegally or with an invalid search warrant. You need an attorney with the experience to challenge these issues in court.

Wes Rucker

Dangerous Drugs

A dangerous drug in Texas is usually a prescription medication that is not mentioned under the Texas Controlled Substances Act or the Federal Drug Schedule. These drugs are still illegal if a prescription is needed or if the drug is not safe for self-medication.

Challenge the Possession

In Texas the police can charge you with drug possession even if you did not know the drugs were there. The police will assume you are guilty just because someone else committed a crime, and you happened to be near the evidence.

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