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Board Certified in Criminal Law

The Wes Rucker Law Firm helps business entities investigate misconduct within their own company. We have helped hospitals, oil and gas companies and even individuals in making sure they are in compliance with government reporting and regulation.

Wes Rucker

Internal Investigations

Fraud, theft or other criminal conduct can and will happen within a business. Most often this activity remains undetected or is ignored. Without question, this will lead to a loss in business productivity and even worse could lead to civil or criminal charges against the company. Wes Rucker Law is dedicated to protecting and advancing a company’s legal interests. This is achieved by implementing an internal system for employee to report misconduct within the company, conducting a robust and transparent follow up investigation, and ensuring the company makes the necessary disclosures to the various government agencies.

Criminal Investigation Consultant Scenarios

There are two scenarios where the criminal investigation consultant aspect comes into play. I rely upon 4-6 different investigators that each have their own skillsets, specializing in computer forensics, financial account forensics, and homicide police work.

A Company Has Fraud or a Crime Within the Business Walls

They will need someone to explore what took place and make sure that there is no liability from the company. Examples would be where an employee is accused of sexually assaulting another employee or a salesman makes fraudulent representations to a client like a ponzi scheme or fraud (“hey, buy some of this oil well we have producing in mexico it will make you rich” and the well does not exist). Charges usually have not been filed but the company is worried they could or they need to make sure they report what took place. Another example would be where child porn is found on a company computer. The company needs to know how to comply with state and federal statutes but they also need a specialist in computer forensics to see how far the prohibited material has spread.

A Company Actively Wants Charges Filed

A small business owner finds out his office manager stole $12k over a few years or someone’s house was burglarized. Most recently I helped a business that trains racing horses. Someone stole (and killed) their prized breeder. I was hired to help find out who did it and get the charges presented to the local authorities. Another example is a company paid for work to be done worth several thousands of dollars. No work was ever done. We investigated the case and got charges filed in both cases.

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