6 Crucial Questions to Ask a DWI Attorney

1. Does Your DWI Attorney Understand the Science Behind Blood or Breath Testing?

If you are facing a drunk driving allegation you need an attorney who knows the science behind the government’s test. You also need a DWI lawyer who knows how to beat the chemical tests in your case. Wes Rucker spent years as a felony chief prosecutor and founded the intoxication crimes team in Harris County. As a defense attorney he has trained other lawyers on DWI cases and has spent weeks in the classroom and laboratory understanding the science behind DWI tests.

2. Will My Defense Lawyer Also Handle the License Hearing?

Many lawyers are not aware that a drunk driving charge involves two cases. One is your DWI case and the other is the ALR (license hearing). Others will choose to ignore the license hearing. This is not acceptable. If you find a DWI attorney make sure they understand the importance of a license hearing and how it can affect your drunk driving case. Wes Rucker will handle every aspect of your DWI case included the minor details. That means he will aggressively represent you at your DWI trial but also at your license hearing.

3. Is Your Lawyer Board Certified in Criminal Law?

Board certification is a mark the State Bar of Texas will place on lawyers that have proven their acumen and ability in a certain area of law. Wes Rucker is board certified in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Only 7% of all lawyers in Texas have achieved this distinction.

4. Does Your Houston DWI Lawyer Know How to Challenge the Field Sobriety Tests?

The field sobriety tests must be administered correctly. If not, your results may be compromised. The police will expect perfection from you. Wes Rucker knows when an officer makes a mistake that is detrimental to you. He also knows when an officer is trying to skew the evidence.

5. Have You Been Promised a Dismissal Just to Get Your Business?

The best DWI attorneys in Houston will not promise a result before looking at the government’s evidence. They understand how each client deserves honest and no-nonsense advice. If a lawyer promises you a dismissal on your DWI arrest before looking at the government’s blood evidence, video or report then you are being told what you want to hear and not being treated honestly.

6. Are You Talking to an Experienced DWI Attorney?

Experience matters. Your DWI lawyer must not only know the law and the science behind chemical testing but they must also know how to try a case. This only comes from experience. For more than 13 years Wes Rucker has been trying DWI cases from both sides of the courtroom. He knows what tactics the government will use in building their DWI arrest evidence. He also knows where the flaws can be found.